Hello, beloved LCKIDS families!

This season has brought all kinds of new challenges for everyone in our community – including special situations for parents and children. Suddenly we are all homeschool teachers and many of us are trying to maintain our own sanity and that of our kids!

But this time can also bring special opportunities for spending precious time together that we can leverage to have God-centered conversations and experiences as a family. My prayer is that you can do just that and that God will bring peace, provision, and grace into your homes and hearts. Check out the worship resources on our page to give your kids and family opportunities to connect to God and each other.

If your kids have felt a little anxious about all that is going on like my kids have – check out these resources to help you have important conversations with them to ease their fears and point them to Jesus. Here is a link for preschoolers and here is a link for elementary kids.

Stay connected and participate in fun activities and contests through these weeks by following us on Facebook & Instagram.

Please click here to email me or call if we can pray for you or support you in any way. – We love you all!


Because kids matter to God,

Clare Pretlove

Executive Pastor of Family Ministries