Lifetrack 101 - Belong

Damonte Ranch High School

Childcare available. Breakfast will be served.

This is a very special 101 class as it is being held in the new children’s building where you will be among the first to see it! And you will get to meet Pastor Dave!!

The first step in LIFETRACK is for the purpose of introducing newcomers to LIFECHURCH; our history, core beliefs and values, leadership structure, and Partner expectations.  At the completion of the session, you will be given the opportunity to become a LIFECHURCH Partner so that you have a church family to belong to.


Use your InFellowship account to sign-up to attend BELONG 101. Don’t have an InFellowship account yet? Click on the link to sign-up today…it only takes a couple minutes and you will have access to all of your personal information (including giving) and the church database.


Lifetrack 201 - Grow

Damonte Ranch High School

This is a class on the essential habits of the Christian life.  At the completion of 201 you will have a spiritual foundation on which to grow and a group of people to do life with.

Lifetrack 301 - Discover

LifeTrack classroom

This session offers assessments that help you discover the gifts and talents that God has uniquely created you with in order to help you find your place in ministry.  At the completion of 301, you will have the self-awareness and direction to help you explore opportunities of service at LIFECHURCH.

Lifetrack 401 - Go

Damonte Ranch High School

During this session, you will feet to meet with the leaders of LIFECHURCH ministries to discuss your potential involvement with their team so that you can make an impact through serving at LIFECHURCH.  At the completion of 401, you will have the opportunity to join a team to serve with to help make a difference in the lives of others.