We are so excited you are interested in serving at LifeChurch in the worship ministry. We are looking for musicians, vocalists, and production team members to join us to help create an atmosphere of worship here at LifeChurch.

The Process
1. Fill out the application below
2. We will review your application
3. Informal meeting, to get a chance to meet  you.
4. Come to a rehearsal, and see how we run through a weekend worship set. Our normal rehearsals are 6:30pm on Thursdays.
5. Trial weekend.
6. We discuss together if serving with the team is a fit.

We do take our time with this process. As we build the team, it is important that we bring on the right people.

The Expectation
• Team Effort. We are a team, working together. There are no stars, just servants. We aim to serve each other, and serve the church.
• Practice, practice, practice. We ask for our team to com prepared to all rehearsals and soundchecks.
• Be an active member of LifeChurch, pursuing a life of worship that honors God.