Deciding to follow Jesus is the most important decision anyone can ever make.
The resources below are ways you can grow in your faith!

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We believe having a relationship with Jesus is the most important decision you can make!

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Read Your Bible

Growing in your relationship with Jesus is just like any other friendship -- it takes time and it's a life-long journey. You can build this relationship through reading your Bible and talking to God through prayer.

If you don’t have a Bible, we recommend that you download the YouVersion Bible App.

When you're reading your Bible, there are three helpful steps to keep in mind:
Observe: What does it say? Think about or write out what is happening in the passage. What type of instructions does the author give? When or where did the event take place?
Interpret: What does it mean? What was the author trying to say to the original audience? What is the surrounding context of the passage you're reading?
Apply: What will I do? What principles can you apply to your life right now? It can sometimes be helpful to think practically. For instance, instead of saying "I'll be kind today", maybe you'd say "I will send at least three people a kind text today".

A great book of the Bible to start reading is John


Baptism is a powerful, public celebration announcing your decision to follow Jesus Christ. We'd love to celebrate this decision with you! 

New Believer Books

There are so many amazing resources for you to grow as a new believer, to receive encouragment, and to learn more about how to progress in your Christian faith. The following are some books we recommend for new believers:

A Conversation With Jesus by David Helm
After "I Believe" by James Emery White
Basic Christianity by John R.W. Stott
Crazy Love by Francis Chan
Making Sense of God by Timothy Keller
Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis
Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon
The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

Next Steps

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