Family Resources | Week of May 28th


This month preschoolers are learning that God made them to help others. This week they see this when they learn about Rebekah who went above and beyond in helping others. Rebekah shows us that when you look for ways to help, God will show you.

Lead Their Growth: While on the go, look for the helpers and talk about how they are helping others.


This month elementary students are learning about confidence, which is living like you believe God is with you. This week, we learned about how Phillip shared the Gospel with a man from Ethiopia (Acts 8: 26-40). The main point was, “God is with you even when you have questions!” 

Monthly Verse: “So we say with confidence: The Lord is my helper– I will not be afraid.” – Hebrews 13:6a (NIV)

Lead Their Growth: Ask, “What are some questions you have for God?” Brainstorm ways you could discover more about their questions but don’t feel the pressure to answer all of them.
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