Day 11 | Desiring For Our Neighbor's Good

“O great Lord of hearts, lodge our neighbours in our hearts, next to ourselves; let all our desires be for their good; and let it be the subject of our joy and praise, O Love, to see Your love liberal to them, to see them abounding in Your blessings.”
Bishop Thomas Ken via Evelyn Underhill’s Prayer Book

Last year, I started a prayer wall in my house. I just use some good-ol’ index cards and washi tape and write down a name and what we’re specifically praying for. And when we see an answer to prayer, I go and highlight that card. As I’ve continued this, I now have a wall that I can go to and see all of these different highlights and colors of how God has moved. I have a tangible representation of God’s action right on my wall. I mentioned this wall last week in our devotionals but I wanted to come back to this to point something out. 

This wall is not about me and my prayers for myself. This wall is just about other people and what’s happening in their lives. I’m looking at how God has moved and worked in other people’s lives. So when I come to this wall and look at the colored highlights, I’m seeing God’s ministry in others. And that gives me fresh faith for my own life. I know that God is with me because he’s with all the people around me. I’m seeing him move in all of your lives and so I can trust that he’s working in me in ways I may not see. 

This is one of the most beautiful parts of living in community. We have eyes to see each other in ways we don’t see ourselves. I wonder if there is someone you can reach out to today and remind them that God is moving in their lives. Ask them about something they requested prayer for. Every person I have followed up with has been so appreciative to know that I’m still thinking and praying about that thing. Tell them the way you see God moving in their life or celebrate an answer to prayer they may have seen recently. And I’m sure that celebrating with them will increase your own faith as well. 

Today, let our desire be for our neighbor’s good. Celebrate with joy and praise as you reach out to someone today and remind them of God’s movement.

Lydia Long
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