Day 7 | Enlarging Your Capacity For Love

God wants to enlarge your capacity for love and fervor for him. Maybe you’ve already had some beautiful moments with the Lord this week. Or maybe you’re still trying to fast and pray and you’re feeling a little alone. Today we want to remind you that the Lord sees you. He knows you. He never abandons you. He is working and moving, even when we can’t feel it or see it or make sense of it. He longs to be a part of this process with you. Today, allow him to step into your fasting and prayer in a new way. 

Maybe today is the moment to allow someone else to step into this process as well. The apostle Paul, when writing to the church in Philippi, he reminded them that he was praying for them: “I continue to pray for your love to grow and increase beyond measure, bringing you into the rich revelation of spiritual insight in all things” (Philippians 1:9 TPT). If this week has felt extra difficult, consider if there is someone you can reach out to and ask them to pray with you. 

If someone else comes to mind as you’re in this season of prayer and fasting, consider what action the Lord may want you to take. Perhaps you would be a “Paul” to someone else and can encourage and pray for their love to grow and increase this week. Remind them that God wants to enlarge their capacity for love.

Lydia Long
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