Family Resources | Week of August 21st


This month preschoolers are learning that God made them wonderful. This week they see this when they learn about how all people are wonderfully made in God’s image. That means that we are meant to think and figure things out, to make things and invent, and to help others when they need it. We are wonderfully made because we are made in God’s image.

Lead Their Growth: When you go into your child’s room, say: “Good morning! God has made us a new day to think, make things, and help–just like Him!”


This month elementary students are learning about loving others. This week, we looked at the story of the Fall in Genesis 3 and the main point was God loves us no matter what. 

Monthly Verse: “Here is what love is. It is not that we loved God. It is that he loved us and sent his Son to give his life to pay for our sins.” 1 John 4:10, NIrV

Lead Their Growth: Ask, “When is a time you have messed up?” Explain that “sin” is when we do things our way instead of God’s way, and it separates us from God. Pray together and thank God that He loves us even when we mess up.
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