Family Resources | Week of May 29th


This month preschoolers are learning that God made everything. This week they see this when they learn that after God made everything He rested. We will all need a rest after we look back at all that God had made! 

Lead Their Growth: Cuddle with your child and pray: “God, help us to follow Your example and rest. Help us to slow down and take in all the goodness You have created in this world, and just rest.”


This month elementary students are learning resilience -- getting back up when something gets you down. This week we learned about how we can keep looking to Jesus when things are tough (Hebrews 12:1-3) and the main point was “Keep going because of what Jesus did for you.”

Monthly Verse: “But those who trust in the LORD will receive new strength. They will fly as high as eagles. They will run and not get tired. They will walk and not grow weak.” Isaiah 40:31, NIrV

Lead Their Growth: Ask “What did Jesus do for us? What can help you focus on Jesus?” Consider having your family write reminders of what Jesus did for us on post-it notes and stick them around the house or in the car so that you can keep focusing on Jesus together.
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