Family Resources | Week of March 27th


This month preschoolers are learning that everyone can be friends with Jesus. This week they see this when we learn about how Jesus feeds 5,000 hungry people after He had been teaching them all day. What kind of friend does that? A good friend!

Lead Their Growth: Add toy food items to bath time for your child to play with. Talk about how Jesus fed thousands of hungry people with just five loaves of bread and two fish!


This month elementary students are learning cooperation, working together to do more than you can alone. This week they see how the Israelites and the early church shared everything as they worked to share God’s love with others. 

Monthly Verse: “Two people are better than one. They can help each other in everything they do.” Ecclesiastes 4:9 NIrV

Lead Their Growth: What can you share with others? Help your child think of ways they can share their talents or possessions with others. 


This week in Student Ministry we’ll discover why Jesus challenged us to share the gospel with others and why His gospel is such good news. We’ll challenge each other to make a habit of sharing our faith stories.

Lead Their Growth: You can help your student formulate their own testimony or practice sharing their faith journey. You can do this by asking them questions like, “Has God ever given you hope in a dark time?” or “What are you learning about God right now?” This will help them begin to feel comfortable talking about their spiritual lives with others. Encourage each small step they take! For scripture to go over as a family, you can look at Mark 16:9-15, Psalm 27, and Romans 1:1. You can also use the Bible plan on YouVersion here.
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