Family Resources | Week of February 13th

We love to be able to pour into your kids every time they engage at Lifechurch, but we believe you as a parent are called to be the ones who disciple your children and lead them to grow in their relationship with Jesus. We want to do all we can to empower you on that journey so we are sharing what your kids are learning this week and ways you can continue the conversation to help lead their spiritual growth all week long.

This month preschoolers are learning that Jesus loves everyone. This week they see this when Jesus meets a woman at a well and offers to be her friend forever even though they are different.

Lead their growth: While on the go, say to your child: “If Jesus had a party, He would invite everyone! Who would you invite if you had a party?”

This month elementary students are learning to have compassion- caring enough to do something about someone else’s need. This week they see Jesus making the Samaritan woman at the well feel valued.

Lead their growth: How can you make others feel like they matter? Help your child choose one person they can make feel special this week.

Middle and High School
This month students are focusing on what justice looks like. This week they are studying how integrity withstands injustice. They are challenged that when they experience injustice just like Joseph did in Egypt, they too can maintain their own integrity and patiently await God to work His justice.

Lead their growth: Do this monthly YouVersion devotional with your teen and/or discuss:
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